If you choose, you can add various options to your website.  Below are some of the many options available.


If you want to gather information, get sales leads, or even  sell products from your site we have the solution.

  • Add a form for people to easily request more information, which in turn gives you their contact information.

Shopping Carts

  • Add a shopping cart to sell products, including getting credit card payments in advance!

Update your own Content

  • Have the option to change your content as often as you wish.  Somewhat like a blog where you add new articles, updating your content allows you to keep fresh content on your site.

Visitor Tracking

  • Know more about your website visitors with visitor tracking.  See the geographic location, number and length of visits, type of computer and browser and other visitor data.

Guestbooks and Comments

  • Guestbooks and comments get people involved – they can leave you or others a message for other visitors to read.  This helps people connect to your website.

Forum and Chatrooms

  • If your website is about a topic people like to discuss, a forum or chatroom on your site can bring visitors back to contribute and share ideas.  People connect with each other and your site on a forum.